Mom, Are You Ready To Take Back Control of Your Life?

16 weeks is all it takes!

Feeling Stuck?
You’re in the right place.

If you are:

 Tired of being tired
• Stuck in autopilot
• Overwhelmed daily
 Not sure what you want but sure it’s not this
• Unclear about what’s next

You need:

 Time to get calm
• Space to get clarity
• Learn mindful skills & tangible tools
 Ultimate self-care
• Compassionate support on your journey

Which is exactly what you’ll get out of YOU Reinvented.

What makes YOU Reinvented Special?

I've noticed some things.
After years working in hospitals, group trauma practices and my own office as a therapist at Wonder Inc Wellness, and a Parent Coach at Reinvention Mom, I’ve seen that methods of psychotherapy and counseling often fall short for people looking to feel better fast. And, targeted coaching that’s meant to be faster than therapy doesn’t encompass all the areas a person needs to address in order to truly heal and create lasting change.

There is no magic wand.
I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave to take everyone’s troubles away, or a quick 5 step bulleted list to make everything change. I’m afraid not only do I not possess either, they actually might not exist at all.

The YOU Reinvented System
What I have instead is a system I’ve developed over the years that has helped people move through hard times (grief, trauma and life changes) with far less struggle and pain than they would experience in traditional talk therapy, six months of coaching, or simply trying to do it on their own.

Mind-Body Approach
I provide a non-judgement safe space where you will be heard and can find the solutions you're seeking. My background in holistic health coaching, yoga & meditation and  psychology and trauma therapy has helped me develop tangible tools that can help you feel better fast and create long lasting changes. You, reinvented.

Peaceful Reinvention
The only thing constant in life is change. As we move through life's stages, we’re always reinventing ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience these reinventions in a way that feels peaceful and easy? That’s what the YOU Reinvented  is all about.

YOU Reinvented is a combination of what clients experience in my therapy practice-Wonder Inc and get when they come for parent coaching at Reinvention Mom. Together  we will reinvent, with the curiosity and awe that makes a WONDERful life.  

What You Can Expect

The YOU Reinvention Program has 5 components:


We’ll start here as you approach yourself with the curiosity and compassion that will help you figure out exactly who you are, why you do what you do, and feel how you feel.
Awareness allows us to see hope for the future and opens us up to the potential for change that feels good. Awareness is the first step but it can’t be the only step. We are more than just our thoughts. Knowing isn't enough to create change that sticks. 


Awareness brings a shift to mindful behaviors.
Learn how to spot triggers, reactions, habits and compulsions that keep you from living a more peaceful and aligned life. Notice how you show up daily and accept yourself with compassion.


Clarity and self-compassion mean openness to lasting change and relief. Once you've identified triggers, reactions, habits or compulsions, you are ready to manage your now and your future. Implement mind-body tools of self-care and incorporate boundaries as you begin to cultivate the elements to design your reinvention.


You’ve learned who you are, how you work, and most importantly what you need and how to get it. You can manage the hills and valleys as they come and even see the beauty of each. You choose where your life goes next because you have embraced the idea that you have all that you need inside of you. It is time for you to create the life you love and love the life you've already created. 


 Healing is the ribbon that runs throughout. Healing is more than just “giving it time”. YOU Reinvented healing is active and participatory. Starting at our first meeting we’ll implement tools that help heal from past, and current struggles, and traumas big and small. You’ll move from being defined by the elements of your story to being the person who owns your story and is able to tell it free from judgment and pain.

We'll draw on breathwork, yoga, meditation, traditional therapy principles, journaling and a variety of other mind-body tools that fit your personal needs. 

What You Get

16 1-1 Mind/Body Integrative Therapy Sessions with Dr. Cristie

Tangible tools for relief and recovery starting day one

Support between sessions through secure voice/text apps

Access to the Reinvention Mom Course Catalog (OR Courses that support your growth) 

✓ 16 1-1 Mind/Body Integrative Therapy Sessions with Dr. Cristie

Tangible tools for relief and recovery starting day one

Support between sessions through secure voice/text apps

Access to the Reinvention Mom Course Catalog (OR Courses that support your growth)

All of this for LESS than $200 a session!


*All sessions must be completed within 6 months.

Read what my clients have to say


Mom of Three

”Your lessons did give me the feeling that I could improve and understand myself more, and they empowered me to improve my relationships too. Little tweaks have made a big difference in our home over the last couple months. I can sense that approaching my kids and husband differently has made them respond differently — all for the better.”


Mom of Four

“Simply put, I just feel better now than when we started.

Also, I know I can maintain this in the future thanks to all I’ve learned to help myself when challenges happen-which I know they will! I’m so grateful for all of it.”

Have We Met?

I’m Dr. Cristie Ritz-King, LPC

I’ve spent the better part of my life searching for ways to help people feel good in and about their lives. Due to this endless pursuit of service in the name of healing, I became a Doctor of Psychology with a specialty in trauma and postpartum maternal mental health.

Before becoming a counselor, I was a doula, a health coach and a teacher in public and private schools for 12 years. I even have a Master's Degree in Education, so I know a thing or two about kids.

Maybe most important though is that I am a working mom of three teenagers and a wife of 25 years. (Yes, teenagers and yes, I once lived through a year of 3 under 4!) 

I love my life, but it wasn’t always that way. To get my own clarity,  I had to learn many of the same skills I now teach, so I could find calm in the chaos of life. Now, the beautiful relationships I have with my kids and my spouse, that I built alongside a thriving career, are the true joy of my life. I want to help you get there too.

I’ve become adept at building customized healing programs for each person that sits in front of me, whether on the couch or the laptop or phone screen. Using a variety of  mind-body tools and approaches, I will work with you to help  create the transformation you are seeking that will last long after your work together ends.