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Reinvention Mom 

Happiness is Homemade

Being a Grown-Up is Hard. 
It Shouldn't Hurt.

The work, the kids, the romance, the friendships, the parents, the rent...  
 With all these balls in the air, where do you fall?  
 Are you ready to stop fighting, worrying, and stressing  so you can
 start loving your life and the people in it?  
Let's start with you. 

What we do

Parenting Support

Are you a new mom who is finding that the job of parent is not at all what you expected or hoped for? Tired of repeating the same thing over and over until you're screaming for attention? Maybe you're worried that the parts of your childhood you didn't like so much are interfering with your own kid's childhood? If you are looking for guidance & community you're in the right place. Help is here.

Mindfulness for Regular People

Heard a lot about the power meditation but  just aren't sure it's for you? I get it. I never thought I was someone who would regularly meditate or move through most days with intention. I have seen the power of mindfulness everywhere from family living rooms to classrooms and corporate board rooms. I'm passionate about helping everyone who thinks it's not for them, learn how it really is.

Wonder weekend retreats

I know two things to be true: all women need more time to focus on taking care of themselves and there is strength in sisterhood. At Restoration Retreats, you’ll get time to recharge AND that time will be filled with life-affirming connection and inspiration. Part mindfulness, part no-nonsense goal-crushing, RR have been the stage for many women to feel reignited in their passion for life. 

Why Should We Work Together?

Cristie Ritz-King. PsyD

Whether you are a new mom looking for guidance, a working parent looking for peace or an HR manager trying to bring some balance to your employees, we're speaking the same language. I have spent years studying and practicing a variety of tools necessary to create a life worth loving. I'm passionate about helping other people love theirs.
• I am a Doctor of Psychology who earned that degree by researching the link between postpartum mental health and empowerment.

• I am a licensed trauma counselor, a former 8th grade teacher, a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

• I'm also the mother of three teenagers which might be the thing that gives me the most credibility in helping others chase joy.

Perhaps most importantly, I am just like you. I know how overwhelming it can be to try to do it all without losing yourself in the process. I know the importance of practical strategies that can be incorporated into the busiest and messiest of lives. I know being a grownup is hard. I also know it shouldn't hurt. Let's work together so I can prove that to you. 

Ready to Change Your Life?  

Whether you want to take an online course, gather with a support group, learn meditation you can practice at your desk or retreat toward a new you, you're in the right place. 

I'm all about helping people break through struggle to find the life they love. Contact me so we can start that work, together.

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