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Tune In Group

All the support you need to spread your own wings- judgement free

Feeling Stuck?
Tune in to Move Forward.

    You Need?                                     You Get.                                You Take.

  • Tired of Being Tired?
  • Stuck in Autopilot?
  • Overwhelmed daily?
  • Not sure you want what you see next?
  • Time to get calm
  • Ultimate Self Care
  • Mindful Tools
  • Compassionate Support
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Easy tools 4 easier life
  • Friendship
  • Empowered Plans for What's Next

Sounds good but what do I really get out of this?

I'm glad you asked. It is so much more than just another zoom meeting. 


For six weeks you'll have a chance to interact with me and an intimate group of other women like you. There will be weekly live zoom calls (recorded if you can't make it) and you can chat in between on the community app dedicated just to you.

We will  swap stories, cheer each other on and learn from one another (and the Pro). Of course we'll get to laugh ourselves silly from time to time, as that's often the best medicine. Women need each other for support. You'll find that here. 


Each week you'll receive a special love note in your email inbox that will have a guided meditation just for you as well as tips based on our group input and questions.

This weekly love note is meant to provide you with the tools and inspiration to find some moments of peace in your otherwise chaotic days. You keep all of the meditations and the tips for living mindfully in the real world even after the program ends so your peace doesn't end with it. 


Y'all. It's been a year (or 3) and I have seen in others and felt myself how much we need time to slow down and tune in. Tuning in has helped me be a better human, wife, mom and friend, not to mention navigate the emotional minefield of life with some sense of peace and ease.

 My plan is to help you do this, judgement free and designed for real (busy) life.  Through meditation and other easy to implement mindfulness tools, we'll all be able to reclaim our peace and inject a little joy every day.

Cristie Ritz-King

Now is a good time to let you know more about me.

I am a Doctor of Psychology with a specialty in trauma and postpartum maternal mental health. In my private practice, I work with new moms managing the huge transition to parenting and seasoned parents learning to navigate the transitions that moms with kids of all ages go through. Before becoming a counselor, I worked as a teacher in public and private schools for 12 years. I even have a Master's Degree in Education, so I know a thing or two about kids' development as well as moms and theirs. Maybe most important though is that I am a working mom of three teenagers. (Yes, teenagers and yes, I once lived through a year of 3 under 4!) My kids are 3 very different humans who have always had three very different types of needs. So, I am here, in the trenches with you, juggling motherhood, my relationships, career and self-care. I get it. My kids may be closer to college than diapers, but I remember those early years with clarity that comes with time and I am passionate about helping all moms get what they need. 

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