Baby Proof Your Relationship


Why Do We Need This Course?

Bringing a baby into your family is a wonderful experience, but it can also wreak havoc on a relationship if partners aren't ready or don't know how to put the right effort into one another.

There is nothing quite as jarring to your sense of self as becoming a parent. Whether you’ve been preparing for years or you’re not quite sure what’s next, there is one guarantee, almost nothing will feel like you expect and you may find yourself questioning your own gut more often than you’d ever imagine.

Add in the complexities of a relationship and how change can reveal cracks in even the most stable looking foundations, and parenting can be a threat to both the individuals and couples alike. There’s good news, research has shown that one of the most protective factors against postpartum mental health struggles is empowerment. Once you have some strong tools in your kit, you and your partner can take on any challenge!

So, how do you know where to focus? Is there a way to prepare and predict the possible pitfalls?

Good News! 
The answer to both questions is YES!
In Baby Proof Your Relationship, you can learn how to best fortify your relationship so that bringing baby home brings only joy, not strife.

"I'm Still Not Sure. It Feels Like
There is So Much to Learn!"

You're right. This can all feel very overwhelming. I remember myself and I see it over and over again with couples I work with.
Becoming a parent comes with plenty of advice from others, but very few roadmaps for how to do it your way.

There are plenty of books out there on how to be a parent. And of course, you may be inundated with advice from well-meaning family and friends as soon as they find out you’re adding a child to your life.

 But there is nothing out there that helps you to know and understand your own parenting style so that you can make the decisions best for your unique family.

Nothing points to your specific history, your individual triggers or your collective communication style as a family-not just as two adults living in a home together.

That’s the point of Baby Proofing Your Relationship. This class won’t tell you what to do. It will help you KNOW what to do.

Babyproofing Your Relationship will arm you with the tools you need to learn about yourselves as partners in parenting, so you can truly be prepared for the life you design for your future family.

What Will I Walk Away With?

Each segment of the course will have a short information video, an optional meditation to do alone or together and some workbook/journal activities to help solidify the lesson learned. This course is designed for busy people, so none of it will be too time consuming.

With all my schooling and training, when I designed this course, I came as a mom first. So, I know how to pack what you need into easily digestible bits.
 All of the lessons will leave you and your partner with insight and practical tools to enter in to parenthood and navigate the challenges as a unified team.

Intentional Parenting
(How It Helps)

  • Learn to tune into your inner knowing as a parent
  • Tuning out the judgement and noise of others
  • Leave with daily realistic mindful practices for moving forward in peace

Me & You As Parents
(Getting to know future you)

  • Attachment Styles and how our past colors our present & future
  • Identify potential triggers of parenting
  • Learn about flooding and how to be proactive rather than reactive

Curiosity vs Judgement 
(Intentional Conversations)

  • Learn Intentional Conversation Skills that stand up to sleepless nights
  • Identify shared goals and dreams for your family
  • Bring calm instead of chaos into your new family

Our Family Plan
(Creating Your Own Unique What's Next)

  • Design your own parenting future
  • Learn about PMADs risk and prevention
  • Feeling empowered and ready to begin this next phase of your family

Why Should We Listen to You?

Maybe now is the time to tell you a bit about me. I am a Doctor of Psychology with a specialty in trauma and postpartum maternal mental health. In my private practice, I work with new moms managing the huge transition to parenting and seasoned parents learning to navigate the transitions that kids of all ages go through.

Before becoming a counselor, I was a doula, a health coach and I worked as a teacher in public and private schools for 12 years. I even have a Master's Degree in Education, so I know a thing or two about kids. Maybe most important though is that I am a working mom of three teenagers. (Yes, teenagers and yes, I once lived through a year of 3 under 4!)
My kids are 3 different humans with three very different types of needs and I've walked alongside my partner raising them for the better part of 20 years.

So, in short, I am here, in the trenches with you, juggling motherhood, my relationships, career and self-care. I get it. My kids may be closer to college than diapers, but I remember those years and I am still passionate about helping all parents get what they need.

Read what my client have to say

Your lessons did give me the feeling that I could improve and understand myself more, and it empowered me to improve my relationships too. Little tweaks have made a big difference in our home over the last couple months. I can sense that approaching my kids and husband differently has made them respond differently — all for the better. 

- Amy, Mom of 3

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Learn how to best fortify your relationship so that bringing.
baby home brings only joy, not strife

Baby Proof Your Relationship

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